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Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers offer a wide range of colors and finishes, are durable and easier to clean than other types of wallcoverings, and are fire-retardant. There are four types of vinyl wallpapers, including solid vinyl, vinyl coated, paper backed vinyl, and fabric backed vinyl. Each has their own particular qualities, and some work better than others in certain applications.

There are many ways to increase the appeal of a home’s interior, and one of the most popular methods is with wallpaper. Not only are there myriad colors, patterns, and textures available to choose from, but there are a wide variety of types and finishes as well. It is important that the consumer is aware of the qualities inherent in different kinds of wallpaper so that the final selection provides both the look and the functionality desired in the home. Some wallpapers are meant for specific areas of the house, some are easier to hang, and some are more durable than others. Wallpaper can be purchased at a variety of venues including DIY stores, contractor supply stores, from home design catalogs, and online at eBay.

Recent technology has enabled the development of a huge assortment of wallpapers. Among the most popular are vinyl, flocked, grasscloth, and foil. By doing some research, the consumer is sure to find exactly what is desired to make a personal statement and create the home of his or her dreams.

Solid Vinyl

As the name implies, is made completely of vinyl. It is waterproof, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture and humidity levels run high. Resistant to scratching and tearing, vinyl is very durable and will hold up longer than other wallcoverings. It is also easy to clean, and holds up well in high traffic areas like children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Solid vinyl wallpaper is available in self-stick that requires peeling off the backing and placing the paper on the wall, pre-pasted which requires wetting the paper prior to hanging, and non-pasted that requires the application of additional paste to the paper before adhering to the wall. Stripping vinyl wallpaper can be difficult, as the layer of vinyl makes it highly impervious to water.

Vinyl Coated

Is the most common type of wallpaper used in homes. The actual wallpaper is made of paper which is coated with a protective layer of acrylic vinyl. This makes the wallcovering scrubbable and easy to clean, as well as resistant to heat, humidity, and grease. This durable wallpaper is recommended for use in high-traffic areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, and children’s bedrooms. Dirt and crayon marks can be scrubbed without fear of the paper ripping. Vinyl coated wallpaper is often preferred over solid vinyl wallpaper because it is strippable and much easier to remove.

Paper Backed Vinyl

Paper backed vinyl consists of a paper backing laminated to a solid sheet of vinyl. It is thicker than many other types of wallcoverings and provides greater durability. It resists moisture and stains, is washable, and can be used in most areas of a house, with the exception of bathrooms with insufficient exhaust fans. Extra care must be taken when installing this type of wallpaper. In rooms that are extremely humid, the paper backing can wick up moisture at the seams, causing the paper and vinyl sheet to separate from each other or delaminate. With long term or repeated overexposure to humidity, the wallpaper will gradually pull away from the wall and need to be replaced.

Fabric Backed Vinyl

Fabric backed vinyl is constructed of a layer of fabric that is laminated to a sheet of solid vinyl. The backing consists of a woven fabric, and the vinyl facing provides the patterns and decorative finishes. Easy to clean, scrubbable, and highly durable, this wallcovering is an excellent choice for high traffic areas such as entryways, kid’s rooms, dens, kitchens, and bathrooms. Fabric backed vinyl is also a great choice for installing over rough walls, due to its ability to hide surface imperfections. When the time comes to remove this wallcovering it peels away effortlessly in full strips, providing the wall was properly primed.

Pictures by Tina Boyadjieva