We are experienced in interior and exterior painting projects, for commercial and residential. CS Painting takes pride in maintaining a clean and orderly work environment. Floors and furnishings are covered and electrical outlets are sealed before painting.

We use quality paint from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Farrow & Ball. We are fully equipped with pro sprayers for a fine finish, and our painters are skilled for making the best finish. Wether you want to renovate or give your home a fresh look, we can help.


Calculate the cost of painting your apartment or office

Its that time of the year when you walk into your place and decide that the colors of the walls are no longer desirable, perhaps they need a new coat of paint.

Then you go about picking the new colors for the walls, with so much excitement for a smooth completion of the work. Painting often can be a do your self project, and many people enjoy repainting their place.

But for those with busy schedule and little patience for dealing with the several hours of painting, they’d rather hire a contractor for the job.

The cost for painting in New York varies, and so does the quality of the service professional. Before you can get a $ number, have the total square footage of the apartment to be painted, and decide on the quality of paint to be used.

Apartments that are empty of furnishing are much easier to paint, so expect a 5 to 10 percent cost reduction from your contractor.

Most apartments are painted with water based paint, with sheen varying from flat (matte) to eggshell, to satin, to semigloss and to high gloss.

How much would it cost to paint a 800 square foot apartment? It depends. If you just want to paint the walls, the cost can be from $1 to $2 per square foot. You measure the height of one wall times the width and you have the square foot. Say a room has ceilings of 8 feet tall with 12 feet width. If you want to paint two walls in there measuring 8′ by 12′ you will be spending around $200.

Paint would be included if you choose a simple latex flat finish, which costs around $30. What would make the 800 square foot apartment cost upwards to 3 thousand for painting is the extra work: Ceilings, trims, doors. these items add to the square footage and to the time required for completing the job.


The cost for painting of doors and frames starts at $60 each, depending on its design. If you want to avoid high costs when renovating your apartment, look at the condition of the apartment as a whole and ask yourself these questions: Do the ceilings really need repainting? Unlike walls, they are better maintained and can hold many more years without being repainted. Can the doors and trims be washed? If they are painted with semigloss paint, yes, they can be washed with soap and they may look just fine after being thoroughly cleaned.


Then ask the contractor these questions:
Can you get a discount on the paint cost by buying a commercial quality paint? Can you reduce the total cost if the apartment is empty of furnishings?

Once you decide how much you want to paint, you put this in writing and tell the contractor the ares you want painted, to avoid being charged extra for unnecessary painting.